• comment Blog

    Helpful articles describing solutions to common problems. Discussion of how to get started using various technologies - including frameworks like DJANGO. Walk-throughs on setting up hardware such as RASPBERRY PI. Etc. Etc. Some out-there ideas and Science News commentary

  • radio DIY Ideas

    'Physical things' weather they be robotics, science demonstrations, desktop toys -- Complete with instructions for the curious adult or the Dad who is looking for a learning project to share with his kids. A growing list of schematics, instructions, and descriptions all packaged up and downloadable here. Certain projects have kits of components (which are normally sold in bulk) available to enable construction of the project.

  • thumb_up Reviews

    Relevant, timelessly compelling commentary on the latest gadgets to hit the market. We try you decide.

  • forum Forum

    Forum for discussion of software technologies, help with Hardware projects, and / or thoughts on the latest tech out there today. Join us an rise in the ranks of the Technocracy!

  • build EE-Tools

    Tools useful for basic hardware design all in one place. Quick and easy Voltage Divider, Parrallel resistors, mm to mils, binary to hex etc. calculators. Just keep it bookmarked.

  • Tommy

    BSEE from University of Maryland. Spent much of his career focused on embedded hardware and more recently heterogeneous compute in the High Performance Computing space - so basically a Hardware guy --- Software *hobbies* include Python, C#, Objective-C, PHP, Pascal (Indicator of advanced age), Fortran, and - of course, Basic. Renaissance man, student of history, appreciator of arts, language, science and learning.

  • Teresa

    Coming from the consumer electronics industry, Teresa has significant expertise in the area of mobile technology and Internet-of-things gadgetry. Her eye for style is shrewd and discerning. Typical lifespan of personal electronic devices in her possession rarely exceed 3 months. Ex-Army, she can kill you 11 ways with a plastic straw (don't test her) and she has a wicked table-tennis backhand shot.

  • Aaron

    Software guy. Likes his bourbon like his code - neat.